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Dragon Ball Super Broly Action Figure

Dragon Ball Super Broly Action Figure

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Unleash your inner Ultimate Saiyan with our Dragon Ball Super Broly Action Figure! 

Step into the power of Dragon Ball Super with our Broly action figure! With a height of 21 cm, this action figure is perfectly sized to fit anywhere - from your desk at home to an office shelf or even your car dashboard.

The attention to detail is truly remarkable. It's evident from every angle as it highlights all the features that make Broly so iconic. Complete with intricate details and vivid colors guaranteed to catch everyone's attention.

Take your love for Dragon Ball Super up another notch by adding our Broly Action Figure today!

  • Elevate your Dragon Ball collection with a highly detailed action figure
  • Made from premium PVC material, this collectible is built to last for years to come
  • The meticulously crafted dimensions of Broly make it a true masterpiece for any fan or collector

Product Details:

  • Dimension: About 21cm (8.3"in)
  • Material: Premium PVC
  • Packaging: Action figure comes in protective wraps

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